Giving back to the environment in Brazil

Sterlite Power's first project on foreign soil, the Arcoverde project in Brazil, was completed successfully 28 months ahead of the schedule. However, our commitment to delivering on our promises doesn't end with successful completion of a project – it goes on to ensure the surrounding environment remain unharmed.

The 400 MVA renewable energy Arcoverde Project covers 139 km of power lines and three substations to boost wind energy power transmission in the Pernambuco region. In addition to helping the National Integrated System with renewable wind power, this infrastructure project is a marvel when it comes to working towards a sustainable tomorrow.

As part of the Arcoverde Forest Replacement Programme, Sterlite Power successfully completed a re-forestation drive on an area of 6 hectares. As part of this programme, Sterlite Power planted nearly 1,600 seedlings of the Atlantic Forest biome along with 5,600 seedlings of Caatinga biome. In addition to directly reviving around 8 hectares of area, this reforestation programme mobilised local labour throughout the project – contributing to the economic sustainability of the region.

Reaffirming the company's commitment to generate a positive social impact in the regions where it operates, Sterlite Power monitored the fauna in the entire Arcoverde region during the planning stages. This contributed to an increased knowledge of the existing fauna. In addition, the environmental mapping of the Arcoverde project had a clear contribution to the Serra do Giz Integral Protection Conservation Unit – an initiative of the Afgados da Ingazeira Municipality with the Pernambuco State Government, that seeks to protect an area of 310.2 hectares rich in flora and fauna.

During the project, three archaeological sites were identified in the Arcoverde region. These sites house prehistoric records formed by inscriptions, paintings and rock art graphics. Sterlite Power successfully rescued one of the sites and the artifacts were directed to the Federal University of Pernambuco State for further studies. The remaining two sites have been isolated and protected.

The company believes in giving back to the community in every manner possible. And so, Sterlite Power came together with the local communities and organised heritage education work. This curriculum comprised lectures, interactive debates and distribution of informational materials to ensure active participation among the locals towards environment preservation.

The path traversed by Sterlite Power throughout the Arcoverde Project brings a gratifying smile on the entire team. The hard work of our highly qualified team and the company's steadfast commitment to a sustainable future has cemented Sterlite Power's credentials as a reliable and trusted partner.